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TIME & TUNE was established in 1940 as stockist and suppliers of communication and electronics equipment. Since
then, the company’s activities have diversified into:

– Development and marketing of computer systems
– Computer-Aided-Engineering consultancy services
– Supply of test and measuring equipment
– Manufacturing of signals and defence-related engineering stores
-Stockists, Importers and Supply of Machinery Parts & Raw Materials
The company’s team of engineers and systems analysts provide complete solutions, including system design,
integration of hardware and software, training, backup and consultancy services for commercial and engineering
applications such as:
-Computer-Aided-Design, Drafting Analysis and Manufacturing
– Industrial & Laboratory Instrumentation & Control
-Multimedia & Video Presentation System

-Document Archival Systems
-LAN/WAN based Management Information Systems
– Training equipment for Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical & Computer Laboratories
-Electro-Medical Equipment, accessories and supplies
– CCTV monitoring & security systems



Main products and services:
-CAD/CAM/CAE workstations & software
-Branded Computers, Laptops and peripherals, Installation of computer labs
-Large-format scanners and plotters
– Multi-user wireless LAN and WAN systems
– Process control and data-logging systems
 Experimental stress analysis and NDT laboratory equipment
– Electronic and material testing and measurement Instruments
-Machine Tools & Accessories
– Machinery for Arms & Ammunition
-Vacuum & Special Furnaces

– Cutting Tools & Tool Steels
– Grinding Tools & Media
– Spare Parts of Machine Tools
-Spare Parts for CNC Controls
– Raw Material & Chemicals, LDPE & HDPE
– Laboratory Equipment
– Special Lubricating Oils
– Base Metal & Alloys
-Measuring Instruments
– Fire Fighting Vehicles

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